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Management Software

Project management software in particular abounds on the internet. With many users of the internet being fairly computer savvy and quite a few of them being programmers of one stripe or another, it's no wonder that a large amount of project management software aimed at programming in particular is available. This also tends to be where most of the free management software is located, but it is by no means the only location.
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Business to Business Software

Business to Business software is a unique entity in the world of software applications for business. Whereas most software products are designed to either enhance office productivity by reducing the amount of time doing day to day business tasks, or designed to present information or even products to customers in the most cost effective way possible. Business to business software is designed to connect you to your employees, suppliers, distributors, and other business entities.
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Small Business Software

Small businesses have to be very careful with their budgets, especially in today’s economy where even the biggest corporations are looking to cut costs wherever possible. One area where a privately-held company can realize significant savings is in the realm of small business software. Software for small businesses doesn’t have to break the budget to be effective. Here is a list of some great pieces of software for a small business that are helpful, easy to find and, best of all, free.
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Financial Software

One of the things it's easy to lose sight of in any business is that your business exists to make money. While that might seem like a strange thing to say it is all too easy during the day to day grind of solving problems, meetings, product design, and everything else that is part of running a business you can forget to actually sit down and make sure it's making money. Thankfully, there are hundreds of financial software applications available to help your business keep track of things.
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